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Helping You Push Past Limits

Posted: Sep 30 2015

Hi there! Welcome to the brave, new, uncharted world of Fitness Sanctum.  For those of you discovering us for the very first time, we hope you find what you are looking for, and that this is the first of many visits for you. 

We at Fitness Sanctum are excited to be here to serve you in your quest to not only make improving your personal fitness a priority, but to help you push your self to heights that you would not have otherwise imagined.  Whether your aim is to complete the latest, toughest WOD, to compete in a Tough Mudder race for the first time, or simply to improve your balance, flexibility and coordination, we want to do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness Sanctum was inspired by my own personal fitness journey, and the way that it has shaped my own outlook not only on fitness, but my approach to life  My personal journey in fitness started nearly 16 years ago, when I like a lot of people at some point, in their lives, realized that I was not in the condition I wanted to be.  After undergoing a certain amount of angst and dejection about this, I realized I needed to do something about this.  So  after doing the requisite research, I committed myself to changing my eating habits, and setting up an exercise routine. 

What I discovered along the way, was that, to my surprise, that exercise and fitness, is in fact ADDICTIVE.  What started as a way to lose weight, has turned into a lifelong passion.  Into a search for more challenging workouts.   To find new ways to train that might challenge me from a different perspective---from CrossFit, functional fitness workouts and interval training, and more.  All with the basic aim of continuously trying to improve my health and fitness.


Successful Fitness Journey


What's more is that it has also provided a great many psychological and social benefits----including greater energy, resiliency, and confidence, among others.  Moreover, as many of you have undoubtedly discovered for yourselves, the practice of fitness in virtually any form usually allows one to gravitate towards a community of like minded individuals.  Consider the sense of kin that develops when one discovers a fellow CrossFitter, or someone who is also training for a Tough Mudder or an Obstacle Course race.  

Ultimately, that's what we would like to create here at Fitness Sanctum---a community.  Beyond simply being a one shop for your fitness needs and goals, we want to be a resource, a daily stop for people looking to challenge themselves and continuously better themselves.  From offering you the latest in fitness performance apparel, to foam rollers to help you recover better, new product reviews/updates, inspirational articles, to the latest and most challenging functional fitness regimens, we want you to come to look at us as a must stop along your road to better health, fitness, and personal improvement.  Ultimately, we hope you can contribute as much to us, as we intend to do for you.

Here's to allowing us to have a small part in your personal journey!




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