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A Public Service Announcement to those Who Do Squats

Posted: May 20 2016

We've all seen this particular scene.  You see an individual go up to the squat rack and load plate after plate.  You take one look at this person and see their skinny legs, and think there's NO WAY that this person can squat all that weight.  

But of course you don't want to stereotype or underestimate anyone based on size alone.   Nevertheless, you're curious. Can they actually do this.  They step underneath the bar.  They brace themselves and finally they thrust the bar off the rack.  You see their legs tremble and you wait. Finally, they start to squat.  You wait for them to see if they can at least squat to parallel.  They start to descend, and suddenly within a fraction of a second, they lift themselves up.  It's over within a blink of an eye.

Squat Shallow women's CrossFit-style tank tops from G2OH (purple)Squat Shallow women's CrossFIt-style tank tops from G2OHSquat Shallow women's CrossFit-style tank tops from G2OH


Such examples are classic and cliched at gyms everywhere. The person that loads lots of weight onto a squat rack and then barely squats at all.  In case you weren't aware, squats are meant to be done to at least  parallel depth. By not doing this, one does oneself a disservice.  In realizing this, the folks over at G2OH have created some wonderful tank tops to help your remind your friends and fellow gym/box goers that squatting shallow is not allowed on your watch.:)  The Squat Shallow Tank with the words Friends Don't Let Friends Squat Shallow is your reminder that squats are to be taken seriously.  

So go ahead and squat away.  But don't squat shallow. :)


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