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October 2015 Partner Spotlight----Power Systems

Posted: Oct 06 2015

Power Systems Partner Spotlight

Partner spotlight is a new feature that we are introducing at Fitness Sanctum.  Every month, we introduce our wider community and our customers to a particular supplier, with the aim of trying to introducing them to cool new fitness items, things they may not have considered that may be of value to them, as well as providing them with items that ultimately help them to get more out of their fitness and competitive training endeavours, as well as in life.

This month, in debuting this feature, we wanted to introduce you to Power Systems, one of the leading players in the functional fitness market.  Power Systems has been a leading provider in the functional fitness market for over 20 years and are well known for the quality of their craftsmanship and breadth of the equipment that they offer, including  weights, kettlebells, plyo boxes, agility dots, agility ladders, reflex balls, and much more.

Their stated goal is to give their customers the resources to gain power, perform on demand, and achieve their desired results in order to get more out of their training and fitness endeavours, which aligns them perfectly with our mission and objectives at Fitness Sanctum.

Over the course of this month, we’re going to be highlighting some of our favorite and most interesting Power Systems products, which is of course extremely difficult given how long they’ve been around and how any different types of products that they offer.  But for the moment, here are a few of their more well-known products to jog their memory.  Keep in mind that Power Systems products are 10% off this month, so you have additional reason to get to them better!

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