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About Us

 Don’t limit your challenges---challenge your limits!


Fitness Sanctum is much more than just your one-stop shop to get the most out of your WODs---and look great while doing it. Sure, we’ve got everything you need,---from the hottest workout apparel, to fitness gear that helps you get that little extra from your workouts, and training equipment to help you get that edge on the field or on the court. But we’re much more than that.

We’re about creating a community, if not a sanctuary for, those who not only seek to make fitness a priority in their lives, but to continuously improve and push past their limits…real and perceived. We’re about giving those who relentlessly push past barriers in order to continuously create, meet and exceed new goals, the support they need to become accomplished.



Whether your aim is to complete the latest, toughest WOD, to compete in your first Tough Mudder race, to play better in your next recreational basketball league game, or simply to improve your balance or flexibility, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to help you achieve whatever goal you set your mind to.

From offering you the latest in fitness performance apparel, to foam rollers that help you recover more completely from intense workouts, to new product reviews/updates, inspirational articles, and the latest and most challenging functional fitness regimens, we want you to come to look at us as a must-stop along your road to better health, fitness, and overall personal improvement.

Here's to allowing us to have a small part in your personal journey!


Now go ahead -- take on that challenge!

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