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Adjustable Step-Up Plyo Boxes from Power Systems

These adjustable  and totally portable plyo boxes adjust in 2" increments and have nonslip landing surfaces to accommodate athletes of all sizes and abilities. The 42" box adjusts from 26" to 42" and has a 30" x 27" landing area. The 30" box adjusts from 18" to 30" and has a 30" x 26" landing area. Protective sides improve safety.

The wheels and pull out handle make transport easy, allowing you to train in a variety of environments--at home, outdoors, at the gym --- wherever you want!

Make these Adjustable Step-Up Boxes from Power Systems part of your staple of home-based CrossFit and functional fitness equipment.

Square tubular steel construction. Fully welded frame. Top is reinforced

NB:  Longer sides improve safety. Wheels and handle make transport easy


Additional Details about Power Systems' Adjustable Step-Up Plyo Boxes.

This step-up box set from Power Systems can be adjusted to 4 different heights allowing you to vary the intensity of your training during single or double-leg exercises. The step-up exercise box comes with a non-skid surface for added safety. Some assembly may be required.


  • Welded steel construction
  • 3/4" plywood platform with non-skid surface
  • Color: Black
  • Platform: 28" L x 20" W
  • Base: 28" L x 28" W
  • Attached wheels for easy mobility
  • Platform adjusts to 4 different height options: 14", 16", 18", 20"


Additional Information about these Adjustable Power Plyo-Boxes from Power Systems

An important addition to any set of fitness equipment, a step platform can be used to enhance your leg power and improve your overall speed to give you an edge over the competition.
Exercise steps, such as this step-up box set, improve the explosive power of the leg muscles allowing you to improve your sprints or vertical leaps.  

Moreover, unlike with squats and deadlifts, the step-up box allows you to train each leg independently, so you can achieve better symmetry and balance. If you tend to favor one side, you can work the other side more intensively to bring both sides into balance.

To perform a simple step-up, bend your knees slightly while standing in front of the step-up box, lift your right foot and place it on the middle of the bench, keeping your right knee and right ankle aligned, with the toes of both feet pointed forward. Raise yourself onto the step by pushing off through your right heel. Lift the left knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor and hold for 1 second before lowering your left foot back to the floor. Repeat with the other leg. To increase the difficulty and build greater strength, you can hold a set of dumbbells while performing exercises on the step box.

Try the Adjustable Step-Up Box from Power Systems today, and watch your speed and power soar to new heights.

Adjustable Step-Up Boxes from Power Systems



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