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  • Women's CrossFit 15 kg barbell (black) --- Bomba Gear


Women's CrossFit Barbell from Bombal Gear (Black-15kg)

Introducing the Bomba Bar Black 15kg Women's Olympic Barbell  in black zinc! An American-made 15kg women's Olympic barbell with a 25mm shaft that is perfect for CrossFit and functional fitness- stiff enough for heavy deadlifts, squats, and presses, while thin and nimble enough for Olympic lifts.  It covers all your strength and conditioning needs!

The shaft is coated in a rust resistant black zinc that provides for a great feel in your hands, takes to chalk well, and most importantly--- looks like an absolute champ!

 The knurl depth and pattern is adept for training day-in and day-out, while being sturdy enough to trust for competitive lifting. The knurl rings are marked for Olympic lifting, but the bar is also well-suited for power lifting. Plus, the bar lacks a center knurl- so no need to worry about tearing up your neck!

 Finally, the collars are bright zinc plated- this makes a great two-tone look to the bar and also makes the collars both scuff and scratch resistant.

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Black zinc-finished shaft
  • Bright zinc-finished collars
  • 25mm shaft diameter
  • Self-lubricating oil-lite bushing provide great spin for Olympic lifts
  • Great knurl depth- feels neither like a cheese grater nor too soft

Add this black 15kg women's CrossFit-style Barbell from Bomba Gear to your collection of home-based Crossfit and functional fitness equipment 


 1 Bomba Bar 15kg Olympic Bar 


Weight: 15kg/33lb

Material: 165,000 psi steel, black zinc plated shaft, bright zinc plated collars;


 Made in the USA


Length: 79 1/2" in


Oil-lite bushings


25mm shaft diameter


800lb static test weight limit


 Snap ring collar construction


One year warranty




Black 15kg Women's CrossFit Barbell from Bomba Gear



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