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  • Multi-Sided Plyo Boxes---Bomba Gear


Multi-Sided CrossFit-style Plyo Boxes from Bomba Gear.

Product Descriptions
These Bomba multi-sided plyo boxes were designed in Austin, Texas.
They come in 2 sizes - 16x20x24" (Small) and 20x24x30" (Large). 


Why choose Bomba multi-sided plyometric boxes?
Made in the USA - Designed and manufactured by a true artisan in a real American workshop.
Additional Reinforcement - Not only are these plyo boxes glued and screwed, but they have extra bracing on every face to make them virtually indestructible.
3/4" Birch Plywood - This wood is strong enough to handle a person of any size that jumps onto it.
Routered Corners - Small detail, but you will love it when you "miss" in the middle of an intense workout.
Multiple Heights- With each side a different length, you get 3 heights for the price of 2 traditional boxes.


Make these Multi-Sided Plyo Boxes from Bomba Gear to your array of workout fitness equipment today, and take your workouts and training to the next level!

Package Contents and Specifications

Bomba Multi-Sided Plyo Box
Weight: 30 lbs. (Small) or 40lbs. (Large); Material: 3/4" Birch Plywood; Dimensions: 16x20x24" (Small) or 20x24x30" (Large); Origin: USA

This is functional fitness equipment for those whose WODs require workout equipment that allows them to do workouts as intense as they can handle!

Multi-Sided CrossFit-style Plyo Boxes from Bomba Gear



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