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  • StrongerRx Recovery CrossFit-themed Socks (Yellow)


Compression CrossFit-themed Recovery Socks from Stronger Rx

  • Specially designed for high intensity athletes and trainers
  • Graduated compression of 23~33 mmHg
  • Enhances athletic performance and endurance by reducing muscle vibration.
  • Proven circulation improvement.
  • Toe seam under toe helps reduce risk of blisters.
  • If worn after exercise, these compression CrossFit-style workout socks will improve your recovery rate by increasing the blood flow helping to clear lactic acid.

Compression Recovery Socks from Stronger Rx. CrossFit-style gear for those that demand the utmost in comfort, protection and performance.

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great WOD socks like these!

Compression Recovery CrossFit-style Socks from Stronger Rx (Yellow)



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