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Elite Wall Mounted Pull-Up System from OneFitWonder

Product Description

The Elite Wall Mount Pull-Up System is made in the USA out of a very study 2" steel channel construction and coated with a thermal powder coating to minimize wear and tear and to maximize its usage.

The system comes with an optional 48" crossbar (1 å_" outside diameter) that any athlete plenty of room to do any type of pull-up. 
Customize your set-up to any format you would like. The brackets allow for a pipe to run completely through and can therefore be set up in tandem. By spacing the brackets up to 60" apart for å_" OD pipe or up to 72" apart for 1 å_" OD pipe, it is even possible to accommodate more than one trainer at the same time.
This is high quality strength and conditioning equipment tailored for those looking to train /perform various CrossFit WODs or improve one's overall functional fitness.

OneFitWonder Elite Wall Mounted Pull-UP System Specifications

The standard design has a 34" mounting channel. The bars will run 30" from the wall to accommodate the motion of a kipping pull up.

The Elite Wall Mounted Pull-Up System from OneFitWonder is an essential part of any collection of CrossFit-oriented fitness equipment of any serious emerging athlete or weight training enthusiast.

Each bracket weighs 14 pounds. Each 48" Crossbar weight is 7 pounds.

OneFitWonder Wall Mounted Pull-Up System Package Contents and Specifications

2 Pendlay Elite Brackets
    - Weight: 14lb. each; Material: Steel; Origin: USA
1 48" Pendlay Elite Crossbar
    - Weight: 7 lb.; Diameter: 1 1/4" O.D.; Material: Steel; Origin: USA

Elite Wall Mounted CrossFit Pull-Up System from OneFitWonder



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