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Firebreather CrossFit-themed Wrist Wraps from Train Dirty Wrist Wraps

Dragons--the original "fire breathers."

Be your own fire breather with these classic Japanese dragon WOD wrist wraps from Train Dirty Wrist Wraps.Firebreather Workout Wrist Wraps from Train Dirty Wrist Wraps.  Serious workout accessories for those that mean business.

All  Train Dirty Wrist Wraps™ weightlifting wrist wraps are handmade with state of the art equipment using green technology. Each order contains 2 workout wrist wraps that are made from soft yet strong 100% cotton fabric, cord and thread. Each workout wrist wrap consists of 2 layers. The outside of the wrap has the unique pattern you have chosen and the back side is a durable yet soft black cotton. These 2 layers supply the perfect support for your wrists when doing cleans, jerks, snatches, or any other vigorous lifts.

 Wash in cold water and air dry.

This is gear for your wods that gives you that extra edge!

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great CrossFit-style workout wrist wraps like these! 

Size: 32"x3"

Firebreather CrossFit-style Wrist Wraps from Train Dirty Wrist Wraps



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