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  • Fresh Fuschia Wrist Wraps from Tuff Wraps
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  • Assorted Workout Wrist Wraps ---- Tuff Wraps


Fresh Fuchsia CrossFit-style Wrist Wraps from TuffWraps

These Fresh Fuchshia WOD wrist wraps from TuffWraps are 27" in length and 3" in width(SOLD IN PAIRS)

These are Tuff' Wraps "original wrist wraps" and are considered a heavy weight wrist wrap compared to other wraps. Made with a special blend of fabric that offers you an increased support as compared to the 100% cotton weightlifting wrist wraps. 

These workout wrist wraps have been put to the test by competitive athletes all over the world.  With a newer and MUCH easier way to put on your wrist wraps that features a unique thumb loop which to prevent your wrist wraps from curling down.  The Fresh Fuchshia wraps create a cast-like wrist support for CrossFit, Olympic lifting and many other weightlifting activities! 

TuffWrap your way to a stronger you….Simply loop, wrap, twist and DO WORK!

Workout gear for those that demand gear that can take everything that their workouts throw at them.

Fresh Fuschia Wrist Wraps is Tuff CrossFit-style gear for the functional fitness enthusiast who needs and expects gear that can keep up with their demanding, intense workouts.

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great CrossFit-style workout wrist wraps like these! 

Fresh Fuchsia CrossFit-stye Wrist Wraps from TuffWraps


Black w/ Purple Trim

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