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  • Hexagonal Barbell from Power Systems


Hexagonal Barbells from Power Systems

The classic design of this Hex Bar helps keep weight centered through the body's midline, reducing stress on the exerciser's lower back. This bar is designed for deadlifts, shrugs and power pulls.  The 2-handle option accommodates exercisers of all sizes and adds variety to lifts. Use Olympic plates to add additional weights (plates sold separately). Additional shipping charges will apply.

Power Systems Hexagonal Barbell Features:

  • Bar length: 56 1/2" 
  • Inside length: 23" W x 21" L
  • Sleeve length: 9"
  • Designed for performing squats, deadlifts, shrugs and power pull
  • 2-handle options accommodate trainers of all sizes.
  • Adjustable weight with Olympic plates

Additional Information about the Hexagonal Barbell from Power Systems

The Power Systems Hex Bar allows you more options that traditional deadlift bars, enabling you to get better results without the stress on the lower back that powerlifting often causes. When you perform a Hex Bar deadlift, you are standing in the middle of the Hex Bar and squat to reach the handles. The Hexagonal Bar's unique design puts you in the center of the weight instead of placing it out in front, allowing you to keep the weight closer to your body as you lift and lift more weight safely.  This allows you to build a stronger, more powerful back (and body) with less risk.

Make the Hexagonal Barbell from Power Systems an essential part of your collection of workout fitness equipment.

Hexagonal Barbell from Power Systems



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