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  • Just PR'd It Women's CrossFIt-style tank tops--- Anfarm Gear


Just PR'd it women's CrossFit-style tank tops from Anfarm Gear.

You've Just Set A Personal Record For Squats. Or Deadlifts. Or Cleans.  Or Burpees.  Or Anything Else.  Make Sure To Let Everyone Know

- 100% Sheer cotton construction

- Durable rib neckband
- Racerback-style women's CrossFit-style tank tops
- Form-fitting, ultra comfortable women's CrossFit-style apparel suitable for intense exercise

Proudly made in the USA

Anfarm puts an incredible amount of time and effort into its premium brand, and this shows in the quality of their clever designs, superior materials, and refined silhouettes that "fits" your lifestyle.

Anfarm provides quality designed outerwear for hard core fitness fanatics in the CrossFit and functional fitness community.

Remember, all orders under 2 lbs. ship free.  So stock up on great WOD t-shirts just like these!

Just PR'd It women's CrossFit-style tank top from Anfarm Gear



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