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The Buddy System from Lebert Fitness

The Buddy System from Lebert Fitness is so much more than just a suspension training system!

The Lebert Buddy System™ works many muscles at once, provides stability training, and allows you to extend sets with variable and instant tensions changes, while giving room for a little bit of friendly competition- all at the same time!

The tandem training provided by the Buddy System™ is perfect for boot camps and home training. This tool also fits well into dry land and off season conditioning camps for young athletes and schools. It is a simple and portable way to get kids to start off with resistance training!

The most unique feature of the Buddy System™ is the ability to do BI-LATERAL training. The middle strap moves smoothly through a centre ring (with handle) allowing for one arm to provide resistance for the other. Tension can be dialed up or down instantly- allowing for an effective, challenging workout.

The Buddy System is not only a great and unique  functional fitness tool, it is also great for team-building and rapport building.  Players can learn to work together better,  husband and wife can learn to communicate more effectively, and a personal trainer does not have to to remain a passive observer,  but can remain connected and engaged with their client through the Buddy System™.

The Lebert Fitness Buddy System Product Specifications

The Lebert Buddy System™ is made of ballistic nylon strapping with UV protection, durable handles and heavy duty stitching.

Package includes One Lebert Buddy System™ and workout DVD with Marc Lebert.

From Lebert Fitness makers of some of the most versatile, unique, portable and accessible strength and conditioning tools on the market. Equally suited for the playing field, the gym, the court or one's own home gym


Lebert Fitness Buddy System



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