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  • Men's Compression CrossFit-stye Shorts ---WOD  Gear (live use)
  • Men's CrossFit-style Compression Shorts --- WOD Gear (logo closeup)
  • Men's CrossFit-style Compression Shorts ---WOD Gear (closeup)


Men's Compression CrossFit-style Shorts from WOD Gear

WOD Gear Compression Men's WOD Shorts are engineered to provide full-fledged support for the major muscles of the upper leg.  These shorts are designed with the aim of reducing vibration, improving alignment and protecting against damage and fatigue. Can be used for intense training and exercise, while playing sports, and even when engaged in competition.

Wear it on it’s own or as a base layer.  This is men's CrossFit-style apparel for those that are looking for every competitive edge possible.

...Shorts also include:
- small inside pocket for keys or cash
- 9" inseam
- continuous pull-string
- reflective logo for night runs

Size Chart:
Small: 28-30
Medium: 32
Large: 34-36
XL: 38-40

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great WOD shorts like these!

Men's Compression CrossFit-Style Shorts from WOD Gear



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