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  • Model A CrossFit Sled --- OneFitWonder
  • Model A CrossFit Sled by OneFitWonder


Model A CrossFit-style Sled by OneFitWonder 

What You Need to Know 

We've gone back to the basics again to deliver the best value in a pull sled, period. The OneFitWonder "Model A" sled provides everything you need in a pull sled. This pulling fitness sled is low profile and simple in design, with a removable weight pin for storage, fits 225# of bumpers up top (or 400+ pounds of iron), plus it comes complete with a set of OneFitWonder sled straps.

Add this to your arsenal of home-based  CrossFit and functional fitness equipment!

  • Heavy gauge, powercoated steel for years of reliable service
  • 16' pull straps included
  • Able to fit a harness
  • Removable weight pin-- stack the sleds in a corner of your box- or easily throw one in your trunk

More Information on the OneFitWonder Model A Fitness Sled

This fitness sled is a great starter sled... and a great finisher sled as well. If you're a beginner athlete, load it up with a 45lb plate and pull it for 50M repeats. Try not to throw up on the sled... although it hoses off. ;)
Even hardcore powerlifters can get smoked on this bad boy- load it with over 400lbs of iron with complete confidence!

OneFitWonder Model A Fitness Sled Package Contents and Specifications

 1 OneFitWonder "Model A" pull fitness sled

    - Weight: 25 pounds; Material: powercoated steel; Origin: China

Model A CrossFit-Style Sled from OneFitWonder



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