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Navy Digital Monster CrossFit-Style Wrist Wraps from TuffWraps

These Navy Digital Crossfit-style wrist wraps from TuffWraps are 30" in length and 3" in width(SOLD IN PAIRS)

These are Tuff' Wraps "original wrist wraps" and are considered a heavy weight wrist wrap compared to other wraps. Made with a special blend of fabric that offers you an increased support as compared to the 100% cotton wrist wraps. 

These workout wrist wraps have been put to the test by competitive athletes all over the world.  With a newer and MUCH easier way to put on your wrist wraps that features a unique thumb loop which to prevent your workout wrist wraps from curling down.  The Navy Digital weightlifting wrist wraps create a cast-like wrist support for CrossFit, Olympic lifting and many other weightlifting activities! 

TuffWrap your way to a stronger you….Simply loop, wrap, twist and GET TO WORK!

Navy Digital Wrist Wraps from TuffWraps is "Tuff" CrossFit-style gear for the functional fitness enthusiast who needs and expects gear that keeps up with their demanding, intense workouts.

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great CrossFit-style workout wrist wraps like these! 

Navy Digital Monster CrossFit-style Wrist Wraps from TuffWraps



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