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Power Jumper from Stroops Performance

In order to achieve maximum speed an athlete’s ankles, knees, and hips must be fully engaged in their stride. Many athletes do not naturally engage the hip extension muscles at full capacity, which is why vertical jump training is crucial. Designed to force the hips to engage more fully, the Power Jumper from Stroops Performance helps produce maximum vertical jumping power.

Simply attach the anchors on the Slastix from your belt to floor-level weight plates, dumbbells, or other heavy objects and begin your vertical training regimen—hurdles, jumps, lunges, etc.

By adding resistance, the muscles used for hip extension become fully engaged, providing excellent vertical jump conditioning. Best of all, the Power Jumper’s patented design lets you gain the benefits of both resistance and vertical jump training while keeping your hands free. Includes two 24-inch slastix® and four adjustable anchors.

Athletic and sports-specific conditioning taken to another level!

This is an elite level fitness training tool that the home training enthusiast needs to take advantage of in order to take their home workouts to a different level, and get a supreme edge on the court, in the field or on race day!

Power Jumper from Stroops Performance



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