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  • Reflex Balls from Power Systems


Reflex Balls from Power Systems.

Train Reaction Time & Hand-Eye Coordination with these Reflex Balls from Power Systems

The unpredictable bounce of these rubber balls forces athletes to make split-second decisions in order to catch the balls. The random bounce helps train reaction time and hand-eye coordination, so athletes improve overall coordination and depth perception.
You can also throw the balls against any hard surface for multidimensional drills.

This is training gear for the serious personal trainer looking to get that extra edge in competition, on the court or on the field --- Or those looking for a fun, innovative fitness challenge!

NB:  Comes in 2 Sizes!

Additional Information Regarding Power Systems Reflex Balls

The 4" Jumbo Reflex Ballª has a softer bounce and larger size making it easier to catch.
The 3" Reflex Ballª has a compact design producing faster, more erratic bounces.

Power Systems' Reflex Balls.  Improve your reaction times and take your athletic performance to another level!

Reflex Balls from Power Systems



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