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  • Stronger Rx RTG 2.0 CrossFit-style Gloves (Blue)


RTG 2.0 CrossFit-style Gloves from Stronger Rx

Rated the #1 Workout Glove for CrossFit and Functional Fitness Use by The Glove Review.

The Stronger Rx RTG 2.0 CrossFit-style Gloves Prevent:

  • Blisters
  • Calluses
  • Bloody Hands
  • Hand Fatigue

Recommended by performance coaches worldwide.

They allow you to focus on the exercise and doing more reps instead of worrying that your hands will tear up.

Use them for kettlebell swings, dead lifts, climbs, pullups, and Olympic lifts.  Helps provide a better grip and decreases the wear and tear on your hands/palms.  

The StrongerRx RTG  2.0 Workout Gloves are aided by special material to provide a natural grip with superior comfort. These gloves have been embraced by the Crossfit and Functional Fitness Community as the glove of choice. Special material has been constructed to ensure a natural grip and prevent fatigue. The RTG Workout Glove will enable athletes to last longer in pull-ups, climbs and Olympic lifts.

Look no further for your CrossFit-style gloves of choice.

Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great CrossFit-style workout gloves like these! 


RTG 2.0 CrossFit-style Gloves From StrongerRx (Blue)



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