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  • Blue Capri CrossFit-style Workout Pants from Stronger Rx
  • Seamless Capri CrossFit-Style Pants---Stronger Rx (Blue)
  • Seamless Blue Workout Capris --Stronger Rx
  • Seamless CrossFIt-style Workout Capri Pants ----Stronger Rx (Blue---Back)
  • Seamless CrossFit-style Workout Capri Pants ----Stronger Rx (Blue)


Seamless Capris Size Chart

Seamless CrossFit-style Workout Capris from Stronger Rx

These Seamless Capri workout pants from Stronger Rx provide support for your leg muscles, improve performance an in order to prevent muscle aches. Used by athletes of all types from crossfit, yoga, track and functional fitness. These seamless capris allow for maximum performance by ensuring:

  • Quicker muscle pre-exercise warmup
  • Decreased Muscle ache
  • Increased tissue oxygenation for quicker revival 
  • Superior energy level
  • Reduced fatigue from overtraining
Durable poly-thermal fabric in the posterior panel helps to provide support to the hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles under extreme shock.
Promotes circulation for quicker revitalization of tired and aching muscles

Comfortable and secure waistband ensures ultimate fit.

Superior comfort and reduced fit

Hand or machine washable. Added monofilament promotes extra dryness.

Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.

This is women's CrossFit-style apparel for those that demand maximum, style, comfort and protection.  

Remember, shipping is free within the United States on orders under 2 lbs. So stock up on CrossFit-style capris at Fitness Sanctum.

Seamless CrossFit-style Workout Capri Pants (Blue) from Stronger Rx



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