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The SpeedBalls Jump Rope Trainer from JumpNRope.

The Speed Balls Jump Rope from JumpNRope is the ultimate fitness jump rope to get your jumping fundamentals down pat.

Speed balls are the SECRET WEAPON in learning to jump efficiently- spinning the balls shows you how you jump without making a mistake, allowing you to:

  • Evaluate your jumping form (to ensure nice parallel circles)
  • Ensure proper jumping technique  (SYMMETRY and SYNCHRONICITY)
  • Strengthen and train your arms & wrists

    SpeedBalls Jump Rope Trainer from JumpNRope Product Description 

    The Secret weapon to Learning Double-Unders in CrossFit

    Speed balls are the SECRET WEAPON in learning to jump efficiently.  Having trained CrossFit athletes at over 100 boxes worldwide, we have noticed no better way to learn proper form than by using Speed Balls.  Speed Balls are a FANTASTIC way to evaluate your jumping form (wrists!) and a great way to TRAIN proper jumping technique. Each arm / wrist works independently, therefore ensuring that your dominant side does not overcompensate. This rope is amazing at forcing your arms to condition itself for SYMMETRY and SYNCHRONICITY!

    Add this jump rope to your arsenal of quality workout fitness equipment today!

    Remember all orders under 2 lbs. ship free! So stock up on great CrossFit-style jump ropes like these!


    Two speed balls

    Weight 0.21 lbs
    Dimensions 3 x 8 x 8 in
    Handle Length

    Regular – 4.5″, Long – 6.75″

    Speed Balls CrossFit-style Jump Rope Trainer from JumpNRope



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