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SRT Barbell from Lebert Fitness

The new LEBERT SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell has spring technology to take your regular barbell exercises and make them much more effective and exciting. Developed and researched with Exercise Physiologists, the Lebert Fitness SRT Barbell adds more movement, more muscle activation and more resistance to get into shape faster! With springs set on either side of the two sliding hand grips, users press inward OR outward activating more muscles with every rep while dramatically increasing the calorie count.

The LEBERT SRT Barbell is perfect for Group X Classes and Personal Training. From beginners to advanced, the LEBERT SRT Barbell will be sure to add excitement and challenge you.

Fitness Sanctum assumes no responsibility or liability for additional weight plates put on the Lebert SRT Barbell

Lebert Fitness SRT Barbell Product Specifications

The LEBERT SRT Barbell comes with two five pound rubberized weights and two sets of springs – 1 low resistance, 1 high resistance identified by color. The springs have been tested for over 100,000 reps. LEBERT SRT Barbell total weight is 17 lbs (international patents pending).  Package includes two 5-pound rubberized weights, 2 sets of springs, instructional DVD.

From Lebert Fitness makes of some of the most versatile, unique, portable and accessible fitness tools on the market. Equally suited for the playing field, the gym, the court or one's own home gym.



Spring Resistance Training (SRT) Barbell from Lebert Fitness



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