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  • Versa Fit Power Log from Power Systems
  • Versa Fit Log ----Power Systems (40 lb bag)


The VersaFit Log from Power Systems

The VersaFit Log is a challenging alternative to traditional strength training products, similar in a sense to a fitness sandbag.. It allows you to train balance, plyometrics, rotational movements, Olympic lifts, and much more with just one product! You can use it indoors or outdoors. It has multiple handles that allow you to vary exercise focus and function by gripping the bag in different ways.

Additional Features of the VersaFit Log from Power Systems:

  • 6 strategically placed handles
  • Foam grips to added comfort
  • Color: Black
  • 23" L x 8" diam.
  • Available in 5 different weight options


Guidelines for Using the VersaFit Log from Power Systems:

  • Use indoors or outside as a versatile tool for functional fitness, alone or with a partner.
  • Try our VersaFit Log with traditional dumbbell and medicine ball exercises.
  • Inspect the VersaFit Log before you use it.
  • Use the VersaFit Log on smooth, flat surface and away from any possible hazards.

Lift, swing, pull and push your way to a great workout. Grip this Power Systems exercise log vertically, horizontally, up, down or any way imaginable. The VersaFit Log is an exceptionally dynamic piece of workout equipment that needs to be an essential part of your arsenal of home workout tools.  

With the Power Systems VersaFit Log, you are sure to enjoy a unique, dynamic workout and see amazing results in little time at all.

Sandbag training, with the Versa Fit Log from Power Systems, is next level functional fitness training.  Get on board and take your conditioning and prowess to the next level.

Versa Fit Log from Power Systems



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